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Wassup everybody? Aren’t you glad there are only 40-something days left to endure my lame attempts at daily greetings? I know I am. Assuming I continue blogging, I am still on the lookout for a sweet catchphrase. And then I’ll never have to scramble for an opener every.single.day.

I could also use a break from having to come up with pithy anecdotes from my day to put here. It’s hard to come up with stuff when your life is pretty boring, like mine is lately. I used to keep a list of things that I wanted to write about there. (Like how I want to become a children’s soccer coach because it would mean a chance to run around, kick things and yell at small children. Awesome!) Or how much I have in common with Lil Wayne. But these days I’ve sort of run out of ammo because I’m so busy. You know things are dire when you have to “sneak in” a bang trim at the salon. Seriously. That’ happened tonight. Otherwise, I actually have a fairly fun day planned for tomorrow. Thrifting with The Mom in the morning and then a concert with friends in the evening. And then I literally do not have a day off besides Thanksgiving for the rest of the month. Eep!

I’ll stop complaining though. I really am savoring these last days of the project. It’s been quite a ride and I’m still not quite sure as to how I’m going to follow this experience up. Thanks always for reading and stay tuned, of course. I am getting closer and closer to the finale and I have some fun ideas to really send this thing off in style.

I have mixed feelings about this outfit. I for one, was very excited about busting out these brilliant green tights and even more excited when I realized they matched my sweater. (Small wonder, considering I bought them at the same place.) The puzzle then became what to wear in between. I am not Ke$ha after all. I require pants. But then I couldn’t really figure out what to wear to bridge the gap. At last I settled on this skirt, which I can never get enough on. It features some warmer tones by comparison to my tights and sweater, but the greens blended well enough and I thought it seemed like a fun combo.

Once it was on, it seemed kind of bold for my liking. But I had other things on my mind and couldn’t really be bothered with tweaking it. I threw on brown boots and jewelry to neutralize it slightly and then headed out the door. For the most part, I got a few nice compliments on the skirt and overall look. However, the standout of the day was from the first customer that walked into my store. She gave me a very obvious once-over, made a flustered face and said “Well that’s different.” She proceeded to ask me if I was wearing shorts (?) and when I clarified that I was wearing a skirt and some tights, she countered with “Interesting.” Oh snap, crazy lady. If you’re going to try and insult me, you’re going to have to do better than “different” and “interesting.” And also you’re going to have to do it wearing something besides stained sweatpants. Interesting, indeed.

Sweater – F21
Skirt – Santa Fe boutique
Belt – Thrifted
Tights – F21
Boots – 5.7.9
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of Bruno Mars – “Grenade”