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Happy afternoon everybody! So I’ve been doing some brainstorming lately. Maybe a little too much even, as I try to not only finish out my yearlong project but also make arrangements for the leg of my blogging journey. And anyway. There is something I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten to yet. Which is that – I would really like to do a feature on what some of my readers are wearing! This means I need your help! Read on…

Since early on in the project, I’ve gotten a lot of comments, both on the blog and in real life that I’ve inpsired some people. This was honestly a totally unexpected perk of doing the project but probably one of the things I have loved most about it. Whether it’s that you bought your first scarf or got motivated to start wearing jewelry again. Maybe you borrowed an idea from me and adapted it for an occasion. Style chain action. Maybe you just made the leap from boring size regular sunglasses to some gigantosaurus shades of your very own. These are things I love hearing! But now I need a small favor…I WANT TO SEEEE!(!!!)

So starting now, I’m going to be taking submissions for a reader-generated outfit post. Any photographic evidence of your inspiration is alright by me. If you aren’t comfortable having your picture online, I totally understand  but maybe we can work something out – blurry face, neck-down, outfit laid out on the bed, etc. Maybe even just a descriptive post of what you wore, where you wore it and what kinds of reactions you got. I would just really like to showcase the small ways in which people everywhere are branching out and getting in on the 365Project action. You’ve still got some time to put it together, too. I’ll put together an official call for submissions soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up. Show me your best Jenny impression. Anything goes really!  Submissions and other inquiries can be emailed to closet365@gmail.com Please, please, pretty pretty please!

Did anyone else get the sudden urge here, to watch “Almost Famous?” It’s weird. I really didn’t plan on this look. I had another outfit in mind entirely for today. But at the last minute I was cold and decided on something more layered. I had a winterized vision for this dress – just sort of a sweetheart approach with navy blue and some gold jewelry. Maryjanes. But it took a different turn when I added the scarf and an even bigger turn once I jacketed up to go out. Suddenly I found myself feeling oh-so Penny Lane and I love it!

Totally fitting given that I’m headed for a concert shortly. Although I daresay I’m a far cry from a groupie, I can at least dress the part. Sorta-ish. This is not even what I had in mind for the concert. We’re seeing Brandon Flowers on his solo tour and I’m pretty excited. (Seriously watch today’s video. I heart it.) I’ve already proclaimed my love of The Killers. So much so that I usually mandate a more apropos dress code for my fellow attendees – eyeliner for everybody! But since my friends have grown weary of my attempts to enforce makeup on dudes, I decided I’d forgo the usual dramatis personae and just stick with my day look.

I may be dressed entirely wrong for the era and the style of music, but I’m digging it nonetheless.

Dress – Wet Seal
Navy Long Sleeve – Work
Tights – Thrifted
Shoes – F21
Necklaces – Wet Seal/The Icing

Title courtesy of Brandon Flowers – “Only The Young”