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Evening y’all. Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you do any Christmas shopping yet? I had a few customers today who were already working down the list. I can’t say I’m that ahead of the game. I love giving Christmas gifts. Love wrapping them and watching my loved ones reactions when they open them. BUT. I hate shopping for them. I usually get so busy this time of year, shilling all the goodies to other people. And then I forget to do my own shopping. I am ashamed to admit I have been that guy, who jumps on Amazon at the last minute (God I love online shopping!) and spring for the fast shipping because I waited too long for standard shipping to suffice. Oops.

I have a pretty small list this year, so I should just bite the bullet and get cracking. After all, I saw my first Christmas lights on my block tonight. There are 33 days until Christmas and 40 days left in the project. I also really love countdowns.

It’s not for lack of clothing options to choose from but I have been having a terrible time putting myself together lately. Call it a creative rut of sorts, but I just stare at my piles of clothes most mornings lately and feel braindead. I guess 325 previous mixes will take it out of you a little.

My concern is that I feel like I’ve already worn a variation of this number many times throughout the years. It’s just these elements that I tend to gravitate toward – leggings, boots and button downs. For what it’s worth though, this is only the second showing of this stripey cardigan all year. I like this sweater because for some reason it reminds me of Harry Potter. Have you guys seen the movie yet? I haven’t. I really only made it through the first couple of movies and then we had to turn them off because The Husband was all stop making fun of the actors. That’s not cool. You’re ruining the movie. Etc. But yeah. Love the books. Not so enthralled with the quality caliber of Daniel Radcliffe and Co. Do they get better as the cast grows up?

But anyway. I had fun donning my Potter sweater again. I’m still undecided about whether it’s me or not. I am still slogging through the clothing sorting process and I’m not sure this one is a keeper. I don’t hate. I just don’t love it either. The colors are fun, but the sleeves are way too long and it’s otherwise kind of boring to me. As always, your input is more that welcome.

Sweater – F21
Button Down – Max Rave
Black Long Sleeve – Work
Black Leggings – Work
Boots – Work
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Necklace – F21 

Title courtesy of Wiz Khalifa – “Black and Yellow”