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Evening friends! Did you have a beautiful sunshine day? Well… I didn’t. Mine was more cold and miserable. But it’s okay. I’m just being a whiner and maybe a little salty. But I promise I’m going to be over it soon. What do you guys do when you need to catapult yourself out of a funk? I’m open to just about anything.

Otherwise I’m just keeping busy. The good news is that I only work a half day tomorrow! Half day! I feel like a kid again! The way it works is that this time of year I’m required to work more days than not. My usual two days off becomes shortened. But in the event that I get to work a half day, it actually feel like less work! So I am going to super live it up. Just imagine all the things I can do with all that time! I can sort my laundry pile (Yeah right. It’s beyond sorting right now. I may just have to take a match to it.) I can go for a run outside before it’s too dark or cold. Maybe even catch a flick. (Who says flick anymore?) The possibilities are really quite endless. And then it’s on to Turkey Day! What are you guys all doing for the holiday. Tell me! Tell me!

I feel like I am going to a party in this outfit. After so many days in leggings and otherwise casualwear, wearing a dress feels all decadent-like! And tights too! Are we getting sick of textured tights yet? I still love mine, but it occurred to me today that I should probably invest in some regular old matte tights before the winter. Textured tights are fun in a special occasion/rainy day sort of way but too many days in a row feels like excess of a good thing. I don’t know. So I am going to be on the lookout for some more subdued leg coverage. Especially if our weather is going to persist in being torturous cold.

Take these pictures for instance.  I was excited to hit the railroad tracks, since I have done any photoshoots here in awhile. But just marching up the hill to snap a few photos, sans jacket, I felt like an Eskimo navigating the frozen tundra. By the time I was done, my extremities were numb. That’s the problem with an outfit like this. Cute for working indoors on a chilly day. Dangerous for anything beyond a short car to building expedition. I have not found a viable solution to this conundrum just yet, other than wear a GD coat. Pssssh. Why would we do that? Then no one could see The Outfit. Oh the perils of blogging!

That said, I’m glad I got to put this look together today and utilize two underused pieces I love. This cute dress and the little brown bolero. The dress only got turn in early spring and the bolero has it beat only by one. Ditto the shoes, actually. Now that I think about it. It’s a regular revival up in here. I even braved the oh-so controversial black/brown mix and I think I’m happy with it. The bronze in my buttons and jewelry seems to act as a neutralizing factor.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone actually ever read this far? Earlier this year a friend confessed that she only ever reads the text above the picture and skips the fashion talk down below. I guess I’m okay with that. Not everybody likes to watch the director’s commentary. But it might be constructive to know for the future. Tell me your thoughts. That is if you’re still reading…

Dress – 5.7.9
Bolero – Work
White Basic Tee – Work
Necklace – The Icing
Tights – Work
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”