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Hi all! This will be a quick post. I’m in a rush at the moment and I’m sure you all have better things to do this busy holiday weekend then sit around and read the Closet365 blog. Heck, I’ve got better things to do than write it! Okay maybe not. If by “better things” you mean colorizing my shoe collection, rating movies in my Netflix queue and doing crossword puzzles then YES, I do have better things to do. If not, well…forget I said anything.

I worked this morning and my half day was thoroughly disappointing because it involved getting slammed with no less than 10 boxes of ugly sweaters. Joy to me. But actually, I am up to something tonight. I am going to another hockey game. A real one this time. Hopefully with blood and everything! Cross your fingers for me.

Pretty casual today. I didn’t even wear makeup this morning because I figured my face might also like a vacation. To be honest, I’m not a very makeup-y girl. I like it. I just really wish I were more adept at applying it. Since I’m not, I usually do the bare minimum for presentation’s sake. I have also worn more makeup this year than ever before, because I have to take my own picture every day. When the project is over, maybe I’ll take a week off. Because you care so much about this stuff. I’m sure. Sometimes this blog is more of an exercise in thinking out loud than anything else. Sorry. Moving on.

I seriously had a lazy morning and it was kind of nice. In addition to skipping makeup, I also just sort of lazily threw this outfit together. The other day, I was debating with one of my employees about whether or not you can layer a vest over a cardigan. We ascertained that it could most likely be done and I’ve been anxious to try. With a flyaway, you have a little more play room and I think I’m happy with how it turned out. However casual, you can never go wrong with a bunch of layers, I say.

Lastly, my one little oomph of effort today was selecting a scarf. I chose this electric blue plaid scarf, for no other reason than I saw a “Project Runway” contestant (I can’t even remember which one. Oops) rocking plaid and stripes together earlier in the season and once again, I’ve been itching to try. It’s a little weird, but it I think it’s fun. True story.

Welp. If I don’t catch you tomorrow, have a wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

Pants – Work
White Tee – Work
Stripe Cardigan – Thrifted (Charlotte Russe)
Scarf – Work
Flyaway – Work
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of New London Fire – “Somewhere in Between