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Hello there kiddies! Would you believe it? I survived another Black Friday working and I live to tell the tale!

For all of the times that I find my job to be somewhat unchallenging, I am always secretly grateful about the stability of being in the same place. Having been there for three years now, I theoretically know just what to expect and what kind of preparations might be necessary for the big day. Although something always manages to catch me off guard. I’d like to think of Black Friday as a big adventure. And it’s true, I somewhat get into the thrill of such a high-stakes and fast-paced day. But mostly it just stresses me out. In my life, I’ve worked nearly every Black Friday since the age of 15. The one year I worked in an office and had the day off, I spent it day hiding in my house drinking Cold Duck out of spite. But most years I am there on the front lines, hustling the goods and taking all the abuse.

Today went well enough, though. I covered all of my bases – going to bed early, rising at the unGodly hour of 4 a.m.,  ingesting many coffees, to work by 5:30, and had the store open by 5:45 because there were already crowds gathering around the mall. I tried to lure some of the many people in line at Victoria’s Secret but they were having none of it, because apparently there was a free tote bag at stake. (OMG! A free tote bag!) Traffic was steady. My biggest rush came at 7 a.m. which was odd because last year we were dead until 10 a.m. and I underscheduled slightly based on that. Handled it okay though. By 1:30 I was ready to fall over, but I managed to leave only 15 minutes after I was scheduled to get off. A new record, I believe. So all in all, not a bad day.

Full disclosure: I did not wear this to work today. Ideal work attire for the biggest shopping day of the year would be riot gear. But lacking cuffs, a helmet and a taser, I just wore plain pants and a colorful long sleeve tee for utilitarian purposes. When working amongst the crowds, you don’t want a lot of little doo-dads that can catch on stuff. You don’t want to wear heels and be liable to trip or get sore feet. You probably want to wear your hair up and avoid heavy-duty layering. Soooo basically the opposite of what you’d wear for a fashion blog.

More awkward photos today. When I got home, I felt it necessary to change. However, I was then exhausted and felt it necessary to do absolutely nothing. I didn’t have it in me to go out and find a good photo shoot. I do like this outfit though. It’s cute and fun. I kind of wish I had saved this for a day when I was out and about, instead of decompressing at home like a bona fide shut-in. I do have to work the rest of the weekend but then I will take a much-needed day and a half of rest at the beginning of the week. Hopefully then I will have my energy back and can finish out the final stretch of the project with a little more gusto than I’ve had this week.

How about you guys? Did you shop til you dropped today? Get a good haul? Or did you take it easy? What did you do instead?

Pants – Work
Striped Top – 5.7.9
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Circle Scarf – Target
Necklace – The Icing

Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Destiny’s Child – “Survivor”