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Hello and good evening!

Today is December 1st! Do you know what that means? Only 24 shopping days left until Christmas (25 if you shop at 7-11) but I was thinking more along the lines of ONLY ONE MONTH OF THE PROJECT TO GO!! Really, really! The end is nigh. Very very nigh. So what big plans do you guys have for what’s left of 2010? I tell you, I am scrambling around like a crazy person. If you saw my to-do list, you’d understand. I guess it’s just that time of year for everyone.

What all is on my list? Well, in addition to working more than usual, I’ve got to finish up this blog, organize and get all of my unwanted clothes squared away, do my Christmas shopping, attend a handful of social events, hit up a 5k this weekend and try to maintain my gym-going habits without falling too far behind, annnnnnd….begin work on the next blogging project. Shhhhh… it’s a secret. But I guess I can tell you by now that I have chosen a project/concept and that I’m laying down the framework as we speak. I don’t want to say too much just yet. However, it will be hard to keep my mouth shut for long, as I’m getting pretty excited. Hang tight, okay guys?

Another strangely bulky outfit. No fleece leggings today, but I did sneak some Christmas socks on underneath my boots, and was subsequently roasting by the end of my day. How do you guys feel about holiday-themed attire?  As you could probably guess, I am firmly against the festive crap. No pom-poms, frosty snowmen or anything with Christmas lights (depicted or for real) on my clothing. Gross. But Christmas socks that are hidden from view, are my new guilty pleasure.

Anyway. I wish it had photographed better, but I figured it was time of a second-coming of the bizarre shirt/dress of yore. For all it lacks in explainability, it makes up for in cuteness. Today I paired it with lots of brown to contrast with the baby blue. This was a pretty strange combo overall, with the poofy shirt and the lack of a skirt. I felt a little cartoonish in this getup but not uncomfortably so.

I think I’m out of things to say about this outfit. So I’ll turn it over to y’all. Everyone have a fantastic evening!

Floral Top – Thrifted
Necklaces – Wet Seal and The Icing
Leggings – Work
Boots – 5.7.9
White Long Sleeve T0p – Work
Cardigan – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of The Bird and The Bee – “Carol of the Bells”