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Sup guys? Are you having a hopping Friday night? I am posting late, because I was at a Christmas concert for most of my evening. It was a lovely affair, and now I have to attempt to get some sleep before my race tomorrow. But out of curiosity, how do you guys feel about Christmas music? Do you love it or hate it? How soon do you start listening to it each year and when how quickly do you tire of it? Personally, I have mixed feelings. Growing up we listened to lots of music for the holidays. I have an abiding fondness for what I consider Christmas carols. I love me some “Carol of the Bells,” or “Oh Holy Night” and it really doesn’t get any better than a beautiful orchestral of “Silent Night.” Love it.

Unfortunately, what I do not love is what I consider “commercial” Christmas music. The stuff that I’ve come to know so well working in retail. Commercial Christmas begins roughly in early November and consists of only about 13 songs (I counted one particularly gruesome year at Shopko) in various renditions. Seemingly in an attempt to maintain political correctness, retailers often eliminate the more traditional music because it’s religious in nature. And what replaces is it is the most garish and offensive cartoony shit that I cannot stand. You know what I’m talking about. Frosty. Rudolph. Susie Snowflake. Jolly Old St. Nicholas. And my personal least favorite “Happy Holidays” by Andy Williams. Don’t click that link if you want to retain your sanity.

These days, I work in teeny bopper land, where we’ve branched out somewhat. I consider myself fortunate that my company doesn’t opt for full on Christmas music in its stores. Instead, we mix in a few ditties here and there along with the usual pop fare. HOWEVER, my store has us relegated to the same four “contemporary” tunes to bolster us through the entire holiday season. Every holiday season. For as long as they’ve been sending us November and December music. These tunes are: “Doesn’t it Feel Like Christmas” by Destiny’s Child, “Where are you Christmas?” (also known as the most depressing Christmas song ever) by Faith Hill, “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and strangely enough “Hot Chocolate” from the “Polar Express” soundtrack. Seriously? If I never hear the “Hot Chocolate” song ever again in my life, it will be too soon. But save for the off-chance that I go deaf between now and January, I’ll probably hear it about 20 times per day. Every day. For the next 22 days. Is any wonder people in retail melt down this time of year?

So anyway, I am eternally grateful that I actually got out tonight and listened to real Christmas music. It was some much-needed pastoral cheer to balance out the constant drone of Mariah, Faith, Beyoncé, Tom Hanks et al.

I even kinda dressed for the occasion! I’ve been wanting to play around again with my green ruffle top, and without really trying, the color is positively festive. It made for a nice pop of color under this black sweater and the overall effect was nothing spectacular, but a nice combo, I thought.

However, I am over these pants. The last time I wore them, I complained that they were too short to wear with heels. As it turns out, they are also too short to wear with flats. These are some seriously short pants. When I went to cross my legs during the concert, I found myself exposing a tacky amount of ankle. It makes me wonder who did wear them originally? Someone under the 5′ mark, I’m guessing. So as much as I love the cut and the plaid, I think I might be passing them on. Sad day.

Last but not least, it was fun to bust out my little peacock headband again. Several reasons: a) It hasn’t gotten worn since very early in the year, b) it matches the green ruffle blouse almost to a tee and c) headbands are now my designated go-to piece for nights out on the town. Last time it was my black feathers for the opera. But since tonight’s concert was a more subdued affair, I chose a smaller simpler headpiece. That’s the caveat to being my friend I guess. I like to think I’m pretty good company all things considered. But allowing me into your social circle does make you subject to some of my quirkier fashion whims. Just ask my college friends about Wig Phase ’05.

Ruffle Top – F21
Sweater – Target
Pants – Thrifted (Gap)
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Andy Williams – “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”