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Did you know there is one downside to using song lyrics as post titles? There is. And it’s that it leaves no room for instrumental pieces on the blog. And sometimes life calls for instrumental.

Let’s try this on for size: (you can listen while you read, it’s okay) 

There’s that’s better. Is this giving you any ideas? Oh yeah. It’s giving me some ideas. Why? Because it’s THEME WEEK! Have you guessed yet? Yes? No? Okay I’ll just out with it… It’s Nutcracker Week!

See, my holiday spirit has been lagging a little lately. (Probably has something to do with being trapped in mall 9 hours a day every day listening to “Hot Chocolate.” But whatevs.) And that’s no good. So now that it’s time for a theme week, I wanted to do something to lighten the mood a little and help soothe my inner Grinch. I really do like Christmas, quite a lot. Sometimes it’s just hard to stay focused on the real spirit of the holidays when the holidays are also a major source of your stresses. But I digress.

I toyed with quite a few ideas but I am inspired to do Nutcracker Week this week because I’ll be going to a real live production next week and I’m anxious to catch the bug. It’s also just a fun holiday tradition with a lot of cool costumery to behold. So all week I’ll be using costumes from the ballet as inspiration for my daily outfits. I’ll do some various takes on the characters using what’s in my wardrobe and keeping things practical for my everyday. So who is our first inspiration?

Let’s start with our heroine, shall we? Clara is obviously the main character around which the action centers. Usually played by a young girl, Clara’s costume is usually pretty simple. Usually pink and ballerinaesque. Simple, yet girly. I think I can handle that.


I think I’ve mentioned how much I love this pink dress before. And among the many reasons I adore it, is because it reminds me of a ballet costume. It’s just the perfect shade of pink and has just the right amount of swing to it. Not that I’ve had a ballet lesson in many years, but if I felt so inclined as to dance in this dress, it could totally work. So I’m glad I finally found good use for these qualities. I think it proved a great ringer for Clara’s nightgown and for the overall feel of the costume.

And hellooo new flower headband. I’m not sure what this thing has to do with the costume at all, but I just couldn’t not wear it, when it was also such the perfect shade of pink. It lends a nice sort of bohemian vibe to my Clara adaptation, with a little “Waltz of the Flowers” for good measure. And plus? It was just fun as hell to wear. I will be looking for more and more apt excuses to rock the flower. It’s a nice shock and awe tactic for my hair, if nothing else. Grey hair? What grey…HEY LOOK THERE’S A GIANT FLOWER ON MY HEAD…what were you saying?

Oh and I’m really bummed now that I tossed my ballet flats this time last years. I had some cute little pink ones that I bought for an ill-advised adult ballet class a few years back. Wore them for class and loved wearing them around as if to say look at me, I do ballet. But then I realized the absurdity of that in addition to the gross impracticality of wearing them in place of honest-to-God shoes. Especially in winter. So the slippers are no more. But with the right tights and a little smoke and mirrors, LOOK THERE’S A GIANT FLOWER ON MY HEAD,  I think the ballerina homage remains intact.

Dress – Max Rave
Long Sleeve Tee – Work
Tights – Work
Headband – 5.7.9
Shoes – Old Navy 

 Title courtesy of The Ataris – “Clara”