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Hi Hi! Is everyone having a good week. It’s Thursday already. That’s crazy. In truth, I kind of lose track of what day it is due to my seemingly never-ending workweek. Next day off? Monday. Yeah.

But you know what’s a fun way to pass the time? Wearing ridiculous outfits in the name of one cohesive idea, aka THEME WEEK! Yes, enjoy it while it lasts friends. As this is the last theme week here at the Closet365 Project. These theme weeks have quite possibly been my favorite part of the whole experience. Partly because they have allowed me to branch out, but also pay homage to things, people and other concepts that I love. This week we are paying tribute to The Nutcracker. Maestro?

The Nutcracker is full of crazy colorful characters. I can hardly wait until next Friday when I get to see the whole thing go down live and on stage. Perhaps I’ll pick up even more fashion cues to carry out the end of this blog. However, in the meantime I am having a blast putting my own spin on things, using only what’s in my closet. Our challenge du jour?

Check out these nifty costumes! It’s Harlequin and Columbine. Two lesser known members of the Nutcracker brigade, but how could I resist such a fierce spectacle. I mean, two words – argyle tights.

Yeah. I’m not sure about this one either. Here’s what happened: I overslept. I’m proud to say this happened very many times in the last 365 days, but I guess it finally caught up with me. This morning upon waking up a the usual time to my alarm, I groggily hit what I thought was the “snooze” button but apparently looks a lot like the “dismiss” button on my phone. And as a result, I logged an extra 40 minutes under the covers. Great for my circadian rhythms. Not so much for theme week. I could have used my own wind-up crank this morning, come to think of it.

So all along, I had a plan to make use of these great tights. True story: I bought these clear back in February and then ended up exchanging them because I had an impossible time deciding on how to style them. But I was always sad for that loss and for the fact that I didn’t get to make use of such fun tights. So, lo and behold, when I happened upon them again, I couldn’t bring myself to pass a second time. Inspiration struck and I knew they’d be perfect for Harlequin day. How I shall style them from this day forth, I haven’t the foggiest. Ideas welcome.

In any event, I’m not thrilled about this adaptation. I didn’t even have time to shower this morning, let alone properly brainstorm an outfit. There is something to be said for pre-planning. It just doesn’t always work out that way. I ended up with a lot of layers (like three) because I couldn’t decide on just one top. I like the play on colors here, but I feel it leaves something to be desired. In a strange twist of fate, I was looking for a hat to complete the look and instead stumbled upon my scarf. It definitely adds an air of whimsy befitting of the original. I’m just not sure I’d wear this one again. Cartoonish works on stage, but it’s not so Jenny-ish. Oh well.

Two more looks to complete for this theme. Wish me luck, or at the very least a proper wake-up call for the duration of the challenge!

Dress – F21
Blue Bow Top – Work
Cream Blouse – Work
Tights – 5.7.9
Necklaces – Wet Seal and F21
Shoes – F21
Scarf – Rue21

Title courtesy of Priscilla Renea – “Dollhouse”