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Happy Saturday, my happy friends! Was that a cheesy enough greeting? I declare, I am trying to keep things lighthearted. Anything to quell the Christmas crazies from working in retail-land. I swear today I was so tired I was losing hand-eye coordination while performing basic tasks. But alas. Only two more weeks to go.

In the meantime, let us celebrate the final eve of our THEME WEEK. Sad day, that this is the last day of the last theme week in our Closet365 Project. I’m not big on goodbyes though. Or hugs. So this is where we high five and say “it’s been real.”

Ahem. Music.

Indeed. For our final/finale theme week, I have chosen to celebrate the Christmas season by creating outfits based on “The Nutcracker.” Using only what’s in my wardrobe, I’ve enjoyed challenging myself to make everyday wearable outfits while still giving a nod to the costume and character. We have one last role to play. Whomever could it be?

Word. It’s the one and only Nutcracker Prince! Our title role. Afterall, we couldn’t have a Nutcracker series without the very star of the show. Looking at images of the original costumery, I am blown away by the massive headpieces these poor guys have to don to play the part. And well, I love you guys and all, but there are certain lengths I just don’t go to. My version is a bit more practical.

Okay. This is probably my favorite outfit of the bunch. Or maybe a close tie with the Spanish Dancer. I love this one because it’s easy and super comfortable. But still sharp looking and maybe a little regal for good measure.

It’s luck that military detailing is so very en vogue these days. I had several options to deck out my Nutcracker look. In the end, I chose my vest because it’s my very favorite. One of my favorite pieces that I own, actually. So much so, that when a button popped off mid-morning, I busted out my sewing kit at work and mended it. There aren’t many items of clothing that I would do that for. But anything for you, vest! I love you, I do!

It’s unexpected, favoring this outfit. Of all the frills and accoutrements of the past week, of all the bright colors and layers and giant headbands. The diva-esque detailing and princessness. In the end, it’s the good old leggings and boots look that I can settle into. I may be a bit of a prince after all.

Red Long Sleeve – Work
Black Tank – Work
White Rouched Tank – Work
Leggings – Work
Vest – F21
Boots – c/o Wanted Shoes

Title courtesy of Katy Perry – “One of the Boys”