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So I decided that I’m just going to use Christmas songs as titles from here on out. Are you so excited? I know. Well. I figure it’s the best I can do short of offering up a mix CD. I would have loved to compile all my favorite alternative holiday tracks and shared the love. Unfortunately it just hasn’t been feasible with everything going on. But this way I can share the love a little bit. As always, links to the song of the day are at the bottom of the post. So you can at least check it out that way. And hey! Drop me a line telling me what your favorite seasonal tunes are, so I can check them out too.

I can always use some additional cheer right about now. Such as it is, my next day off isn’t until literally, Christmas Day. And my next day off after that? New Year’s Day. So. In order to maintain Uber Christmas Energy, I have to really keep the endorphins pumping. While everybody else is sitting in traffic and cursing the crowds, I must maintain Zen-like focus on the task at hand. Which is not falling asleep standing up. I do this by consuming many many caffeinated beverages, eating my own body weight in foods made primarily of sugar, listening to peppy music and otherwise indulging in the spirit of the season.

Preparedness is also key. Since today was my last real day off for the entirety of 2010, I focused on getting as many tasks crossed off my to-do list as humanly possible. I had plans to finish Outfit #365, before the clock runs out. But then those plans fell through, so I set to accomplishing everything else. Caught up at the gym. Purchased enough groceries for two weeks. Got a hair cut and color. Returned library books. Straightened up my room and did laundry. I still haven’t even finished my gift shopping, but if all else fails I’ll just get everyone a Snuggie. Shit. If you’re on my Christmas list and you just read that, I apologize for the spoiler. But consider this your opportunity to specify color preference – pink? blue? or leopard print?

With all that going on, it’s kind of a miracle I got dressed today. Hooray for back up plans! This is just a very casual outfit, suited to errand running and getting things done. These pictures are pre-haircut, so I couldn’t even be bothered to do anything with my weave. Ponytail it is. I find it’s nice to be comfortable and aerodynamic whilst running around like a chicken with one’s head cut off. I don’t mean to be ungrateful. It’s fabulous to be employed these days and I admit, I’m a far better person when I don’t have too much down time. I jest about it all, simply because it’s how I cope with stress.

And besides, because I am so superbly suited to multi-tasking I did squeeze in one bit of holiday fun tonight – A showing of “Elf” with friends. Say what you will, but for me, no Christmas season is complete without multiple showings of The Best Christmas Movie Ever Made.”SANTA’S COMING!!!!” Oh man. It seriously does not get any better than that. And this is only viewing number one for me. So I’ll need to pencil in at least two more before the big day. Feel free to insert your favorite “Elf” quotes in the comments in order to spread the love. Or tell me about your favorite Christmas movie. What’s your must-watch flick this time of year?

Paisley Tank – Work
Green Hoodie – Work
Necklace – The Icing
Pants – Work
Scarf – Wal-Mart
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Cascada – “Last Christmas” (Wham! cover)