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Hey, hey, hey! How is everyone? Did everyone have a good day? Let’s share! I’ll go first.

With a few exceptions, today was actually a pretty good day. Several reasons. I only got about five hours of sleep and drank about ten cups of coffee. I believe the technical term is “punch drunk.” I was able to leave work at a decent hour and squeeze in a loooong overdue yoga class. Bliss! And now. Now! I am going to ice more Christmas cookies. Possibly while also watching my second showing of “Elf.” I know right? You’re thinking, how could it possibly get any more awesome? Well. It can’t. So that’s that. This is where I do my best impression of 1990s hip hop sensation, Montel Jordan and say this is how we do it…

The other thing I’m excited for is that tomorrow, I finally get to do my Christmas shopping. I actually really really love picking out gifts for people. Whenever possible, I take a lot of pride in putting a lot of thought into every present and picking something that is just right. I get a huge kick out of it. That and the wrapping of the gifts. The holidays completely appeal to my inner Martha. Unfortunately, the first few weeks put an unexpected financial strain on me, after I received a belated medical bill for my hip injury. Golly gee. It’s just the gift that keeps on giving, no? But anyway, when the paycheck hits tomorrow, I can at last pick up the rest of my gifts and wrap them. Hip hip hooray! (I’m not sure if that pun was intended or not.)

OY. Would you believe I thought these were good pictures, this morning, when I took them? I must have been half asleep, because had I known that this was the result I wouldn’t have quit snapping. Blech. I don’t know what happened. I was pretty happy with the outfit, but in a tired haze, I guess I was kind of lazy with the photoshoot. My apologies. I know I’ve only got a couple of weeks left to go. I really need to buck up and turn out at least a few more quality outfits/posts. I’m definitely a “Go big or go home” kind of gal. I guess I’m just a little distracted this week/month. To make matters worse, I haven’t adjust to the new haircut either. Awkward. I’ll get the hang of that though.

Whatever, I guess. I do really like the outfit. It gives me a strange almost beatnik vibe. Although I’m  not sure how a flouncy, bright blue plaid skirt says “beatnik” but I mean…like…the rest of it. Yeah. The rest of it. Totally hep. Dig? Or maybe it’s a little more Bohemian. Starving artist in buffalo check. I’m not really sure anymore. At this point in the game, I’m just sort of pulling things out of my closet at random and hoping I can make them into something passable. Performance art. Yeah. That’s it.

Skirt – Thrifted (Wet Seal)
Blue Long Sleeve – Work
Black Cardigan – Target
Circle Scarf – Target
Leggings – Work
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Bright Eyes – “Blue Christmas” (Elvis cover)