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Hi all. Well I made it back today. A little worse for the wear but posting nonetheless. It’s too complicated to explain but this morning I briefly considered tossing in the towel. I had my reasons and I think I could have honestly been content to pause at 350 outfits. But then I remembered that there are a mere 15 days left in the year. And also that I am a stubborn little mofo. I am not a quitter. Sometimes to my advantage and other times to my detriment. Which one of these the project will turn out to be, I’m uncertain. But I’ll never know unless I finish what I started, will I?

And anyway. There is a bit of excitement about today. It’s Nutcracker day! As in the real, fo rizzle, Nutcracker Ballet live performance. This is no slouch production of the local ilk I’ve previously taken in. Nor a goofy-footed DIY theme week of my own amusement. It’s the real deal. Time to get fancy!

Now as I’m sure I’ve told you, I never tire of dressing up. I am a firm believer that I can find a dress for every occasion. In fact, I might go so far as to create occasions for the sole purpose of dressing for them. And furthermore I might go so far as to write a blog about it. Maybe. I’m just saying.

In any event, for The Occasion of The Real Nutcracker, this is what I wore. I’ve totally been saving this gigantic head bow for just some such adventure. I thought it a nice addition to the otherwise classic LBD. And also my own subtle shoutout to the headband extravaganza of out theme week. Which is either really meta of me or just plain lame. But let’s pretend it’s the former shall we?

I didn’t have much time to snap photos in a hurry. I have to say they don’t really capture the full glory of the bow. But that just means I have a good excuse to wear it again, right? Right?

Dress – BCBG for Max Rave
Tights – F21
Black long sleeve – Work
Shoes – Payless
Bow – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Coldplay – “2,000 Miles” (Pretender’s Cover)