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Greetings kiddies! How are you this Sunday? How did the weekend treat you? Are you wrapping up all of your holiday preparations? Yet to begin? Or been done for weeks?

I’d say I’m about halfway done. Two gifts left to buy and most of my to-do list pertaining to this blog. BUT, major mission accomplished today! Outfit #365 is basically completely complete. Save for a few small stitches. I can’t even tell you what a significant step this is for me. Considering that a) I am still finding my footing as a seamstress and b) I haven’t had much time to put foot to pedal this entire month. So instead, I’ve just been walking around with a looming deadline and a sense of panic. I’ve worried about everything from the actual time-frame to whether or not the darned thing was going to fit. But as of this afternoon, (and what seemed like endless amounts of hemming) all was well. My project is all but in the bag. It’s an amazing feeling to have.

The other day some words were exchanged and the accusation in my general direction was that all I’ve done with myself this year is take a bunch of pictures of myself and post them on the internet. And while it wasn’t an entirely false statement, it did strike at me from a complete lack of understanding of what this challenge has meant to me. It’s about so much more than a bunch of clothes or pictures or even the words that I write day in and day out. It’s about completion and perseverance and passion. About not knowing whether or not something is possible, but caring enough about it to try anyway. It may not be the most extraordinary thing that’s ever been done but a lot has gone into it. Today may be just another brick in the wall, but there’s a lot of heart and soul in that mortar.  

But enough kvetching. Let’s meet outfit #353.

I did another thing right today, which is that I got my outfitting and my picture-taking done prior to sewing. I am marginally starting to catch the DIY bug (save for hemming) but I maintain that a it’s tiresome endeavor. I now have a profound respect, not only for couture seamstresses but also the underage children who piece together Old Navy half-zip pullovers in Vietnamese sweat shops.  ‘Tis work! So I’m glad I had the forethought to get up early and get dressed first. Otherwise this outfit might have been much more lacking.

In fact, this is another outfit I’m quite pleased with. As our unofficial ode to scarves continues, with not one but TWO scarfs today. I initially designed this outfit in an attempt to wear my beloved bird boots again. But in the process, I had my concerns that this outfit would be too similar to one I wore clear back on Day Seven of this project. Same tunic and leggings, but the rest is different. The double scarf action was my attempt to change the ambiance a bit, and I am content with it. It’s got a lot more color than the original and it manages to act as a nice canvas for the two statement pieces – scarf and boots – without being too fruity. Success.

So now after all of  that I still have to go into work for a five-hour closing shift. The mall is open until 10 p.m. On a Sunday which means I’ll probably be watching paint dry and listening to the crickets for the last three hours. But at least this outfit is plenty comfy for the pursuit. Zzzzz…I mean…how can I help you?

Purple long sleeve – Work
Tan Tunic Top – Vanity
Leggings – Work
Scarfs – Thrifted and Work
Boots – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Barenaked Ladies feat. Sarah McLachlan- “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings Medley”