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What it do, you guys? It’s Monday. I’m feeling pretty okay about life now that Christmas is only a few days out. Although I must say I’m getting jealous of everybody that is off work this week. All braggin’ up on the Facebook about watching Christmas movies and taking naps. You lucky bastards! Meanwhile, I count myself thankful that tonight is my last  night doing the 10:30 closing shift. I am so not a night owl. There are times in the morning where I have to be pried off the ceiling tiles because I have so much energy to spare. But come 7:00 every night, something drops off and I struggle just to keep going.

Business is actually starting to pick up at long last, with lots of last-minute shoppers. So while everybody else is lounging around sipping hot chocolate, my world is all abuzz with activity. People are already doing their returns! How efficient, right? Except that it’s mostly people who buy things, change their mind and then return them five minutes later. Returns are the bane of any retail workers existence. Granted, there are many cases where returning or exchanging the merchandise is perfectly acceptable. However, I see my fair share of ridiculous customer behavior when it comes to returns. The other day a girl returned a fitted t-shirt to my store. Her reasoning? “I’m  pregnant.” Which led me to wonder whether she had just found this out in the 24 hours since purchasing it. The even greater mystery was why she swapped it for an even tighter fitting clubbing top.

But I think the best return I ever got was from a girl who came in looking panicked to return a shirt with some pretty peacock feathers screened on the front of a tunic top. When I inquired as to what the problem was with the garment, she shuddered and explained that she didn’t realize when she bought it, that those were peacock feathers depicted on the front. “I am like, deathly, deathly afraid of peacocks” she told me in all seriousness. I didn’t bother to argue this one. Just handed her a refund and sent her on her merry way. Yeah.

Kind of random duds today. At this point in time, my laundry pile is vying for its own zip code. So with only so many clean clothes to choose from, I hit up the Never Worn pile once more. This little argyle vest struck me as a cute $2 find, while thrifting once.  But it was only as an afterthought that I really looked at it and realized I was clueless to what to pair it with. J’adore argyle! So in my haste to snatch it up, I neglected to remember that a little button-down argyle vest is what you wear if you’re trying to look like a mild-mannered sixty-year old man. How do you make such a thing cool and stylish? That was my challenge. It’s pretty light weight, so I took a crack at it a couple of times earlier in the year but then failed and forgot about it. Today, I rose to the occasion, more out of necessity than anything else.

It’s a pretty simple pairing overall, but I enjoyed dressing it up with a few of my favorite accessories. Further, I’ve been in the mood to wear some green and I like the variety of greens and blues I was able to pull from it. I can think of few occasions aside from now that argyle looks appropriately festive. (I may or may not have purchased this vest for the fact that it reminds me of the music video for “Hey Ya”) But I think it’s a nice holiday nod, without being overtly Christmasy.

AND! I actually bothered to curl my hair today. I don’t do this too often. Something about my hair in ringlets signals the undeniable urge to don crinolines and sing about Animal Crackers in my soup. But occasionally, if I’m a little bored with an outfit, I take it out on my hair. So that’s what that’s about. This coming year once I’m done with this project, I think I will resolve to learn how to do actual cute things with my hair. That is, after I’m done taking a very long nap. I guess I’m more like a mild-mannered 60-year-old man that I care to admit…

Green Long Sleeve – Work
White Tunic Tank – Work
Vest – Thrifted
Jeggings – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Scarf – Work
Boots – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Elton John – “Step into Christmas”