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Happy Wednesday my friends. Still just slogging along. I honestly don’t have much to say because all that’s on my brain is work and I’m even tired of talking about work. I don’t want to bore you to tears.

So how about some reader questions instead? Even better still, how’s about some of you lurkers pipe up. Just this once? Pretty please? The year is almost over and I want to meet you ever so bad! It will make my day! My week, even!

Questions: What do you want for Christmas? Is it snowing where you live? What are your holiday plans? Favorite festive treat to eat?

If at least ten people de-lurk themselves, I promise to wear the mother of all ugly Christmas sweaters on Christmas day. And style it up right nice, even. Is that fair enough? All you have to do is answer these reader questions and be a new commenter! You can be a real-life friend who’s been lurking all along or a stranger. Doesn’t matter! I want to hear from the rest of you too, of course. Maybe you can chime in with some words of encouragement for our lurkers. If not, then I’m just going to wear something normal and average on Saturday. So, I guess I win either way.

If it looks like the sun is barely up in these pictures, that’s because it was. I had to  rush to open my store super early this morning. Which is also possibly why I dressed like I was going to my own 150th birthday party. I couldn’t tell you what’s up with my old lady duds this week, as I have no idea what’s motivating it. Today in my haste to get ready, I just sort of tossed this together. And while I think it’s cute and comfy, it’s also just weird…and…old.

But it’s not like I could bid the project adieu, without one more wear for my staple mustard sweater. I really do think this thing saw the most action of any piece in 2010. I may have to go back and check. I have yet to start combing through the archives of this year, but I promise major compilation action and  year-in-review type posts are coming post-January 1st. That way there will be some content to bridge the gap from old to new blogging endeavors, without forcing me to wear something other than yoga pants and old baggy t-shirts. And Hello Kitty footie socks. The long winter’s nap starts in T-minus nine days!

Lace T0p – Thrifted
Sweater – Target
Pants – Kohl’s
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of The Killers – “A Great Big Sled”