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Hello all! Happy Christmas Eve to you all! I made it. Ish. Still a ways to go work-wise. But I daresay I made it to Christmas Eve with more energy and aplomb than last year. Which is totally weird, considering my circumstances this year were infinitely more hectic and taxing. Last year, I left work, ended up in a Super Target where I watched a grown woman wearing reindeer antlers get in a fight with a Target employee as to the whereabouts of starch. And then I went home and promptly had my own nervous breakdown.

But this year, I feel pretty subdued. Yesterday was our busiest day of the entire year. Moreso than back-to-school or even Black Friday. It was insane. Today was pretty frantic as well. However, I made it out on time and in tact. Stole away to an afternoon showing of “The Black Swan” (mini-review: I can’t say I went into it expecting anything but um…I was not expecting that.) and then enjoyed a nice little Christmas Eve dinner with friends.

All in all a nice Eve. I’ve always cherished Christmas Eve the most. It’s that magical time where the excitement is still palpable and at full tilt. With the added ease of already being in Holiday mode. And also it’s when it’s officially technically okay to open the first gifts. So that may have a wee something to do with it. Santa’s coming!

So my ode to holiday dressing continues with another party outfit on the fly. I donned this one at about 6:30 a.m. but I like the idea that I could be out and about in this and no one may ever be any the wiser that I’m not actually on my way to a little seasonal fete. Christmas Eve Day. I can just dress this way and then do whatever the hell I want. Even if that means going to an empty matinée all by my lonesome. Or going home and singing Jessica Simpson’s “I Belong to Me” lighter in the air, shoving Christmas cookies into my mouth and sobbing. I mean… Whatever floats your boat man. Do what you gotta do.

But ahem. I love this outfit! I imagined this outfit the other day, after all but forgetting I even had this little sundress. For my wintery festive version, I thought I’d play around with the mute colors. And I liked the outcome. But then I reckoned I needed a little pizzazz for the almost-holiday spirit. Enter tights and pearls. I adore this look because I feel fancy, but I’m also still very comfortable. Double awesome!

Anyway. I wish you all a blessed and beautiful Christmas Eve, to be followed by a merry holiday. Peace and love, y’all.

Dress – 5.7.9
Long Sleeve Tee – Work
Necklace – 5.7.9
Tights – F21
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Aly and AJ – “The Greatest Time of Year”