About Moi

 What is there to say that Andy Warhol didn’t already say?

I am Jenny. I am 29. When I was younger, I told my parents that I wanted to go to fashion school because I wanted to work with clothes. They told me that was a stupid idea. I told them I wanted to be a writer. They said okay. Now I have a degree in journalism and I work at a clothing store. In 2010, I completed the original Closet365 Project, wearing 365 different outfits in as many days. A feat which left me both inspired and exhausted. After a year of recuperation, I have returned with the intent to create my perfect wardrobe, and the Closet365 Project begins anew.

I can usually be found at work, the gym or on Facebook the public library. I enjoy high art and trashy magazines. I listen to really good jazz and bad bad bubblegum pop. I collect scarves like the Duggars do small children. No logic. Just love. I can’t stop making self aware hip hop references, because I’m cliché like that. This be my blog. Yo.

Last but not least: big sunglasses make everything better.

Contact me at: closet365 @ gmail.com


13 thoughts on “About Moi”

  1. WOOOOOT! added you to my reader pretty lady! i want your fashion sense 🙂

  2. Adorable! Amazing idea(time consuming,expensive,creative…)! You’re so cute, I will love watching what you come up with(you could make ANYthing look good). So far I love the grey miniskirt & expecially the model’s expression! Book club doesn’t count for wearing it again does it? Val

  3. oop, found your address! Thanks!

  4. balancejoyanddelicias said:

    just found your blog and I love your sense of fashion.. great inspiration! 😉

  5. I need some major help in this department. Can’t wait to soak up your inspiration!

  6. What clothing store do you work for ? I just discovered your blog, love your fashion sense. I too have been accused of never wearing the same thing twice : )

    • Heather said:

      I have the same question as Emma!
      You mention “work” as a place you buy many of your clothes.. where is work? haha

      • Hi guys! I’ve mentioned it now and then on the blog but it’s easy to miss – I choose not to say where I work for privacy reasons and so as not to break any rules by blogging about my job. Sorry! If you have a question about something specific you see on the blog, feel free to email me!

  7. You don’t say where you live here but on your guest post for Janetha you mentioned Colorado. I live in Fort Collins – are you anywhere close to that?? Just wondering. Oh and I loved the guest post – the before/after photos are amazing.

  8. ahh i need some fashion help!!! you are perfect 😀

  9. Big sunglasses DO make everything better 😛 🙂

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