Remix All The Christmas Carols, Then I Play ‘Em For You


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Hi everybody! Welcome to Tuesday. I know you’re probably less surprised about the natural progression of things, that I am. But at this point, I am grateful for every day that I survive and wake up so see another one. Just kidding. There I go complaining again. But actually, life is good. I had a productive day working, going to the gym and having dinner with my employees. They spoiled me with food and a present, so I guess that means they really like me! Plus, there are only three more days of work to survive until Christmas. PLUS, there are only 10 days left in the entire year and of this project. Yep. Life is good!

All that aside, I am still pretty darn tired. My busyness, doesn’t really end until January 4th. I work every day before and after Christmas Day, including part of New Year’s Eve. Off New Year’s Day and then hard at work for inventory on the 3rd. Which is just as hectic, if not moreso than the holidays. In the meantime, I decided that I’m pretty much in Power Save mode, human version. I get up, go to work, go to the gym, do the blog, go to bed and that’s about it. Conserving and recharging wherever possible. No extra energy getting expended on say going out and doing things, Facebooking, talking to people, running errands, doing chores, thinking, brushing my teeth… Just kidding. Maybe. Which is why I should probably end the typing here. I gotta get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to do it all over again. Wheeeee!

So lacking for time, have I been, that I’ve kind of lost track of anything resembling a plan for outfits. I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much just threw this together this morning. I didn’t feel like I could go the rest of the year without one more turn for the cute lacy dress that I scored earlier this fall. But since it’s now later in the year, I thought it might be more timely to try this new-fangled sweater-over-a-dress thing that I’ve been seeing out and about. Okay really just on other blogs. I don’t actually get out much, remember? I just pretend like the internet is the real world. The people are cooler and my social awkwardness is far less apparent. So everybody wins. And! Everyone is so well-dressed!

So I thought this was an interesting pairing of the black and cream. I was exchanging some things today at my store and one of my staff noticed that I’ve started to gravitate towards a bunch of black for my wardrobe once again. It’s true. Prior to this project I held a very deep and meaningful relationship with the color black. It’s an odd signal of slippage back into normal life that I’m picking it back up again. But I also think that dark neutrals are just nice in the winter, no? I promise not to shun color too terribly much once this is all said and done. However, for today, I liked the classic pairing. A very vintage-y look overall, I thought. And I like it.

Dress – Thrifted (H&M)
Leggings – Work
Shoes – Thrifted
Sweater – Target
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – Charlotte Russe

Title courtesy of Ludacris – “Ludachristmas (Fred Claus)”


Welcome to My Christmas Song, I’d Like to Thank You for the Year


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What it do, you guys? It’s Monday. I’m feeling pretty okay about life now that Christmas is only a few days out. Although I must say I’m getting jealous of everybody that is off work this week. All braggin’ up on the Facebook about watching Christmas movies and taking naps. You lucky bastards! Meanwhile, I count myself thankful that tonight is my last  night doing the 10:30 closing shift. I am so not a night owl. There are times in the morning where I have to be pried off the ceiling tiles because I have so much energy to spare. But come 7:00 every night, something drops off and I struggle just to keep going.

Business is actually starting to pick up at long last, with lots of last-minute shoppers. So while everybody else is lounging around sipping hot chocolate, my world is all abuzz with activity. People are already doing their returns! How efficient, right? Except that it’s mostly people who buy things, change their mind and then return them five minutes later. Returns are the bane of any retail workers existence. Granted, there are many cases where returning or exchanging the merchandise is perfectly acceptable. However, I see my fair share of ridiculous customer behavior when it comes to returns. The other day a girl returned a fitted t-shirt to my store. Her reasoning? “I’m  pregnant.” Which led me to wonder whether she had just found this out in the 24 hours since purchasing it. The even greater mystery was why she swapped it for an even tighter fitting clubbing top.

But I think the best return I ever got was from a girl who came in looking panicked to return a shirt with some pretty peacock feathers screened on the front of a tunic top. When I inquired as to what the problem was with the garment, she shuddered and explained that she didn’t realize when she bought it, that those were peacock feathers depicted on the front. “I am like, deathly, deathly afraid of peacocks” she told me in all seriousness. I didn’t bother to argue this one. Just handed her a refund and sent her on her merry way. Yeah.

Kind of random duds today. At this point in time, my laundry pile is vying for its own zip code. So with only so many clean clothes to choose from, I hit up the Never Worn pile once more. This little argyle vest struck me as a cute $2 find, while thrifting once.  But it was only as an afterthought that I really looked at it and realized I was clueless to what to pair it with. J’adore argyle! So in my haste to snatch it up, I neglected to remember that a little button-down argyle vest is what you wear if you’re trying to look like a mild-mannered sixty-year old man. How do you make such a thing cool and stylish? That was my challenge. It’s pretty light weight, so I took a crack at it a couple of times earlier in the year but then failed and forgot about it. Today, I rose to the occasion, more out of necessity than anything else.

It’s a pretty simple pairing overall, but I enjoyed dressing it up with a few of my favorite accessories. Further, I’ve been in the mood to wear some green and I like the variety of greens and blues I was able to pull from it. I can think of few occasions aside from now that argyle looks appropriately festive. (I may or may not have purchased this vest for the fact that it reminds me of the music video for “Hey Ya”) But I think it’s a nice holiday nod, without being overtly Christmasy.

AND! I actually bothered to curl my hair today. I don’t do this too often. Something about my hair in ringlets signals the undeniable urge to don crinolines and sing about Animal Crackers in my soup. But occasionally, if I’m a little bored with an outfit, I take it out on my hair. So that’s what that’s about. This coming year once I’m done with this project, I think I will resolve to learn how to do actual cute things with my hair. That is, after I’m done taking a very long nap. I guess I’m more like a mild-mannered 60-year-old man that I care to admit…

Green Long Sleeve – Work
White Tunic Tank – Work
Vest – Thrifted
Jeggings – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Scarf – Work
Boots – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Elton John – “Step into Christmas”

Westward Leading, Still Proceeding


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Greetings kiddies! How are you this Sunday? How did the weekend treat you? Are you wrapping up all of your holiday preparations? Yet to begin? Or been done for weeks?

I’d say I’m about halfway done. Two gifts left to buy and most of my to-do list pertaining to this blog. BUT, major mission accomplished today! Outfit #365 is basically completely complete. Save for a few small stitches. I can’t even tell you what a significant step this is for me. Considering that a) I am still finding my footing as a seamstress and b) I haven’t had much time to put foot to pedal this entire month. So instead, I’ve just been walking around with a looming deadline and a sense of panic. I’ve worried about everything from the actual time-frame to whether or not the darned thing was going to fit. But as of this afternoon, (and what seemed like endless amounts of hemming) all was well. My project is all but in the bag. It’s an amazing feeling to have.

The other day some words were exchanged and the accusation in my general direction was that all I’ve done with myself this year is take a bunch of pictures of myself and post them on the internet. And while it wasn’t an entirely false statement, it did strike at me from a complete lack of understanding of what this challenge has meant to me. It’s about so much more than a bunch of clothes or pictures or even the words that I write day in and day out. It’s about completion and perseverance and passion. About not knowing whether or not something is possible, but caring enough about it to try anyway. It may not be the most extraordinary thing that’s ever been done but a lot has gone into it. Today may be just another brick in the wall, but there’s a lot of heart and soul in that mortar.  

But enough kvetching. Let’s meet outfit #353.

I did another thing right today, which is that I got my outfitting and my picture-taking done prior to sewing. I am marginally starting to catch the DIY bug (save for hemming) but I maintain that a it’s tiresome endeavor. I now have a profound respect, not only for couture seamstresses but also the underage children who piece together Old Navy half-zip pullovers in Vietnamese sweat shops.  ‘Tis work! So I’m glad I had the forethought to get up early and get dressed first. Otherwise this outfit might have been much more lacking.

In fact, this is another outfit I’m quite pleased with. As our unofficial ode to scarves continues, with not one but TWO scarfs today. I initially designed this outfit in an attempt to wear my beloved bird boots again. But in the process, I had my concerns that this outfit would be too similar to one I wore clear back on Day Seven of this project. Same tunic and leggings, but the rest is different. The double scarf action was my attempt to change the ambiance a bit, and I am content with it. It’s got a lot more color than the original and it manages to act as a nice canvas for the two statement pieces – scarf and boots – without being too fruity. Success.

So now after all of  that I still have to go into work for a five-hour closing shift. The mall is open until 10 p.m. On a Sunday which means I’ll probably be watching paint dry and listening to the crickets for the last three hours. But at least this outfit is plenty comfy for the pursuit. Zzzzz…I mean…how can I help you?

Purple long sleeve – Work
Tan Tunic Top – Vanity
Leggings – Work
Scarfs – Thrifted and Work
Boots – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Barenaked Ladies feat. Sarah McLachlan- “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings Medley”

We Cling Each Noel to That Snowflake’s Hope in Hell


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Hello and happy Saturday. Did you know there is only one shopping week left until Christmas? Oh I did. I worked all day until 10:30 at night at the store. I can’t even tell you how ready I am for the actual holiday. Please Christmas don’t be late! Mostly because I am sick to death of you already.

In the interim, I am still just holding it down, as best as can be expected. I felt fortunate to get away to the ballet, though, last night. It was fabulous. I may have to check out more performances in the future, because I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. I am also going to try and squeeze in a solo date for myself to go see “The Black Swan.” It looks so freaky awesome. And a trip to the movies? Sitting in a dark theatre alone? Seems like the next best thing to a Zen Buddhist retreat, which is what I could really use after the past few weeks. Still. I love ballet movies! Unlike cheerleading movies they, always live up to their potential.  After coming home last night I had the sudden urge to watch the awesomely bad “Center Stage” or maybe even some “Save the Last Dance” if we’re getting really smarmy.

I’m at the point in the project where I’m just making up random ways to decompress. I can’t wait to make the least of my free time, once I’m no longer obligated to my daily posting duties. I love you Closet365 Project. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the days. Fourteen more to go…

Wheee! Lookee! It’s an outfit I like. Today’s outfit is actually all about the scarf. It’s one of the few items that was due for a wear. And admittedly, I was really tempted to go the lazy route with it. As in, long sleeve layered shirts, slacks and maybe a necklace. Totally my default outfit when I’m feeling lazy. But at the last minute I decided to give it a bit more of college try and I’m really glad I did. I finally got a handful of compliments for my efforts.

But actually, part of the reason was that I had to go out and pass out Christmas cookies. After our massive cookie-making efforts, The Mom enlisted my help to hand them out around the neighborhood. And since I haven’t really been a resident of said neighborhood for many years, I thought I might want to look presentable. As in Capable Adult rather than Strange Girl Who Wears Coats of Many Colors and Takes Pictures of Herself. Which is my given Indian name, but not really apropos to be out playing Cookie Ambassador. I thought this was a nice mature, holiday-esque combo, while still cute for work and playing homage to the scarf du jour.

Lastly, I just have to say that there is something I really love about this time of year and that is – Scarf Appreciation. I can’t tell you how many people have come out of the woodwork this Christmas season and purchased scarves as Christmas gifts this year. Even better, they come into my store and solicit my help in selecting these scarves and it is like my favorite thing ever. As soon as a gentleman (or sometimes a lady) comes into my store and requests help picking out a scarf to give to another person, I get the widest smile. And then we go forth and change the world together. One scarf at a time.

Black rouched top – Work
Scarf – Work
Skirt – Max Rave
Leggings – Work
Boots – Target

Title courtesy of The Darkness – “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)”

I Heard People Singing, It Felt Like Christmastime


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Hi all. Well I made it back today. A little worse for the wear but posting nonetheless. It’s too complicated to explain but this morning I briefly considered tossing in the towel. I had my reasons and I think I could have honestly been content to pause at 350 outfits. But then I remembered that there are a mere 15 days left in the year. And also that I am a stubborn little mofo. I am not a quitter. Sometimes to my advantage and other times to my detriment. Which one of these the project will turn out to be, I’m uncertain. But I’ll never know unless I finish what I started, will I?

And anyway. There is a bit of excitement about today. It’s Nutcracker day! As in the real, fo rizzle, Nutcracker Ballet live performance. This is no slouch production of the local ilk I’ve previously taken in. Nor a goofy-footed DIY theme week of my own amusement. It’s the real deal. Time to get fancy!

Now as I’m sure I’ve told you, I never tire of dressing up. I am a firm believer that I can find a dress for every occasion. In fact, I might go so far as to create occasions for the sole purpose of dressing for them. And furthermore I might go so far as to write a blog about it. Maybe. I’m just saying.

In any event, for The Occasion of The Real Nutcracker, this is what I wore. I’ve totally been saving this gigantic head bow for just some such adventure. I thought it a nice addition to the otherwise classic LBD. And also my own subtle shoutout to the headband extravaganza of out theme week. Which is either really meta of me or just plain lame. But let’s pretend it’s the former shall we?

I didn’t have much time to snap photos in a hurry. I have to say they don’t really capture the full glory of the bow. But that just means I have a good excuse to wear it again, right? Right?

Dress – BCBG for Max Rave
Tights – F21
Black long sleeve – Work
Shoes – Payless
Bow – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Coldplay – “2,000 Miles” (Pretender’s Cover)

Throw a Bone, I’m Finally Home

Hi lovelies. Well I’ll be honest, I’m not going to really write today. Tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll have a regular verbosity build-up. But today is going on record as one of, if not the worst day of 2010. So I’m just gonna zip it and lay low for the evening. Sorry.

But as always, I do have pictures!

Just know that I am wishing you all a wonderful Thursday and a happy weekend to come. I will see you all tomorrow.

Title courtesy of The Eels – “Christmas is Going to the Dogs”

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas That’s Certain


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Hey, hey, hey! How is everyone? Did everyone have a good day? Let’s share! I’ll go first.

With a few exceptions, today was actually a pretty good day. Several reasons. I only got about five hours of sleep and drank about ten cups of coffee. I believe the technical term is “punch drunk.” I was able to leave work at a decent hour and squeeze in a loooong overdue yoga class. Bliss! And now. Now! I am going to ice more Christmas cookies. Possibly while also watching my second showing of “Elf.” I know right? You’re thinking, how could it possibly get any more awesome? Well. It can’t. So that’s that. This is where I do my best impression of 1990s hip hop sensation, Montel Jordan and say this is how we do it…

The other thing I’m excited for is that tomorrow, I finally get to do my Christmas shopping. I actually really really love picking out gifts for people. Whenever possible, I take a lot of pride in putting a lot of thought into every present and picking something that is just right. I get a huge kick out of it. That and the wrapping of the gifts. The holidays completely appeal to my inner Martha. Unfortunately, the first few weeks put an unexpected financial strain on me, after I received a belated medical bill for my hip injury. Golly gee. It’s just the gift that keeps on giving, no? But anyway, when the paycheck hits tomorrow, I can at last pick up the rest of my gifts and wrap them. Hip hip hooray! (I’m not sure if that pun was intended or not.)

OY. Would you believe I thought these were good pictures, this morning, when I took them? I must have been half asleep, because had I known that this was the result I wouldn’t have quit snapping. Blech. I don’t know what happened. I was pretty happy with the outfit, but in a tired haze, I guess I was kind of lazy with the photoshoot. My apologies. I know I’ve only got a couple of weeks left to go. I really need to buck up and turn out at least a few more quality outfits/posts. I’m definitely a “Go big or go home” kind of gal. I guess I’m just a little distracted this week/month. To make matters worse, I haven’t adjust to the new haircut either. Awkward. I’ll get the hang of that though.

Whatever, I guess. I do really like the outfit. It gives me a strange almost beatnik vibe. Although I’m  not sure how a flouncy, bright blue plaid skirt says “beatnik” but I mean…like…the rest of it. Yeah. The rest of it. Totally hep. Dig? Or maybe it’s a little more Bohemian. Starving artist in buffalo check. I’m not really sure anymore. At this point in the game, I’m just sort of pulling things out of my closet at random and hoping I can make them into something passable. Performance art. Yeah. That’s it.

Skirt – Thrifted (Wet Seal)
Blue Long Sleeve – Work
Black Cardigan – Target
Circle Scarf – Target
Leggings – Work
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Bright Eyes – “Blue Christmas” (Elvis cover)

The Sun to Shine by Day and All the Stars at Night


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Note to self: when closing the store at 10:00 at night, finish the blog before work as late nights and blogging are not conducive to one another. Yeah. Today rather sucked. There’s not much I can say about it, as much of it isn’t blog- appropriate. But. I will say that prior to today, I had no idea just how many people could fail to grasp the basic tenants of a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale. How do people not know how this works? Have they never shopped before? Equal or lesser value, people. Higher price prevails. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

I spent my day thinking a lot about how Ghandi might handle the situations I find myself in. How would Mother Theresa behave in such circumstances? Or an exalted saint? A jedi for that matter? So far I haven’t come up with anything that soothes my nerves but I’m not giving up yet. So far the only thing that’s working for me is thinking about kiosk workers. Yeah. As a mall employee, I observe my fair share of these, manning their carts day in day out. And I figure it must take an enormous amount of patience to be confined to a stool all day hawking cell-phone covers and knock-off sunglasses. If only I could be more like those guys.

But  I think it takes a special breed of person for that job. Every year, I watch with interest as we receive our newest installment of seasonal kiosk carnies. The past few years have brought me some rather entertaining new faces. From the Eurotrash handcream people to the customized sign guy. He seemed benign at first, with his jolly beer belly and his penchant for Hawaiian shirts. But later he commenced to be a total creeper who would not stop coming in to my store to chit chat. Alas this year, we are stuck with a rather lackluster crew peddling those microwavable neck packs. So far all they seem to do is get fired. Kind of makes me miss the Dead Sea folk. As annoying as they were with their incessant sales pitches, they also provided endless intrigue after two of them struck up a tryst and had some very public lover’s quarrels. Yeah. That was a good Christmas.

Remember this dress from Orange Day ala monochromatic week? Yeah. I never really felt like it got it’s moment in the sun. In fact I more or less forgot about it until some reason closet cleaning. There’s only so much you can do with a tube dress, but I figured there had to be another remix in there somewhere. I don’t think I’ve ever worn black and orange together so blatantly, but it seemed the most appropriate for winter. My thought was that the black might help the embroidery stand out better. I even swapped out the original orange sash for this black ribbon. But really, I think it merely emphasizes the awkwardness of how this dress fits. Oops. It’s cute in theory, but I think this lil lady is headed for consignment in the near future. I’m just not digging it.

But hooray for winterizing spring dresses. I felt warm and cozy all day with my long sleeves and fleece tights. It almost makes me feel bad for all the times I chided kids in school who would wear long sleeves under a t-shirt. My thought was that, if it’s cold? Just wear a long sleeve shirt? Stop trying to make t-shirts happen when it clearly isn’t t-shirt weather! But with dresses? I totally get it. That said, it hasn’t been very cold here at all. It’s nearly Christmas and the snow has been basically AWOL. It’s…odd. Not that I’m complaining.

Anyway. I should probably hit the hay, since I have to turn around open the store early. I wish there was more I could say, but that’s all I got. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.

Title courtesy of Bing Crosby – “Mele Kalikimaka”

With a Note saying “I Love You,” I Meant It


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So I decided that I’m just going to use Christmas songs as titles from here on out. Are you so excited? I know. Well. I figure it’s the best I can do short of offering up a mix CD. I would have loved to compile all my favorite alternative holiday tracks and shared the love. Unfortunately it just hasn’t been feasible with everything going on. But this way I can share the love a little bit. As always, links to the song of the day are at the bottom of the post. So you can at least check it out that way. And hey! Drop me a line telling me what your favorite seasonal tunes are, so I can check them out too.

I can always use some additional cheer right about now. Such as it is, my next day off isn’t until literally, Christmas Day. And my next day off after that? New Year’s Day. So. In order to maintain Uber Christmas Energy, I have to really keep the endorphins pumping. While everybody else is sitting in traffic and cursing the crowds, I must maintain Zen-like focus on the task at hand. Which is not falling asleep standing up. I do this by consuming many many caffeinated beverages, eating my own body weight in foods made primarily of sugar, listening to peppy music and otherwise indulging in the spirit of the season.

Preparedness is also key. Since today was my last real day off for the entirety of 2010, I focused on getting as many tasks crossed off my to-do list as humanly possible. I had plans to finish Outfit #365, before the clock runs out. But then those plans fell through, so I set to accomplishing everything else. Caught up at the gym. Purchased enough groceries for two weeks. Got a hair cut and color. Returned library books. Straightened up my room and did laundry. I still haven’t even finished my gift shopping, but if all else fails I’ll just get everyone a Snuggie. Shit. If you’re on my Christmas list and you just read that, I apologize for the spoiler. But consider this your opportunity to specify color preference – pink? blue? or leopard print?

With all that going on, it’s kind of a miracle I got dressed today. Hooray for back up plans! This is just a very casual outfit, suited to errand running and getting things done. These pictures are pre-haircut, so I couldn’t even be bothered to do anything with my weave. Ponytail it is. I find it’s nice to be comfortable and aerodynamic whilst running around like a chicken with one’s head cut off. I don’t mean to be ungrateful. It’s fabulous to be employed these days and I admit, I’m a far better person when I don’t have too much down time. I jest about it all, simply because it’s how I cope with stress.

And besides, because I am so superbly suited to multi-tasking I did squeeze in one bit of holiday fun tonight – A showing of “Elf” with friends. Say what you will, but for me, no Christmas season is complete without multiple showings of The Best Christmas Movie Ever Made.”SANTA’S COMING!!!!” Oh man. It seriously does not get any better than that. And this is only viewing number one for me. So I’ll need to pencil in at least two more before the big day. Feel free to insert your favorite “Elf” quotes in the comments in order to spread the love. Or tell me about your favorite Christmas movie. What’s your must-watch flick this time of year?

Paisley Tank – Work
Green Hoodie – Work
Necklace – The Icing
Pants – Work
Scarf – Wal-Mart
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Cascada – “Last Christmas” (Wham! cover)

Clap Your Hands if You’re Working Too Hard


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Happy Sunday out there in blogland! I am taking a very brief break to do this post.

What am I up to? Well, let’s just call it CookieFest 2010. For the past two nights, I’ve spent my evening off in a veritable goodie-making frenzy. There aren’t many domestic things that I do super well. Okay none. But if there’s one task at which I excel, it’s cookies. Mostly I have been hard at work on the icing portion of the project. Yes I do so love to ice cookies. Colors and sprinkles and swirls! You know the expression “well that really frosts my cookies.” Yeah, I never understood that expression in context. I mean, if something frosts your cookies, how could it ever be a bad thing?

So anyway, I have been whittling away the hours covered in sugar, and jazzed on sweets. If I show up on the blog tomorrow weighing about 300 extra pounds, it will be from licking the knife a few too many times. AND IT WILL STILL BE WORTH IT. Frosting is the medium, the muse and the fuel. All in one. Why frosting has yet to be named a super food, is kind of beyond me.

Have I mentioned that I kind of have senioritis of the blog? Maybe that’s the reason behind the school marm getup today. I don’t know. But it’s true. It’s like when you’re about to graduate and you’ve put in all the time and you know you’ve only got a couple of papers left so you really should make it count but also you’re kind of tired and not really interested to the point that you can’t be bothered to punctuate let alone truncate a run-on sentence that’s gone on for like a bazillion years? Yeah. It’s kind of like that.

Since I’m pretty dang busy for the last few weeks of the year, I sat down today on my lunch break and did some planning. I jotted down an essential outline for the last 20-ish days of the project including outfits, song titles and potential musings (yes, I really have a master plan for all this pointless nonsense!) This way, if things get too crazy and I don’t have the energy on the spot, I still have a backup plan. And of course it made me rather sad, thinking about just how far we’ve come in all these shenanigans. It’s the home stretch here, kids.

As frustrating as it can be on mornings like this one, where I’m up a little earlier than I’d like, primping. Throwing clothes all over the room because such-and-such combo didn’t work and I still have to be out the door and get pictures taken before work. As hectic and frantic as it can be some days, I daresay I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s over. There will be a strange emptiness in my life where toting around the tripod, and freezing my toes off in some awkward pose used to be. Granted, these won’t be my last outfit posts, ever. But life is going to be strange without the daily grind,  you know?

So anyway. Today’s outfit isn’t super spectacular, but the result of just another one of those mornings. I like the monochromatic brown thing happening and also that it’s all a bit retro. And hey! One last shout out to the knee socks creepers! I owe this one to the fact that I desperately need to go shopping for tights. But I kind of like the look. I guess there’s a little something for everybody today?

Dress- Thrifted
Cardigan – Work
Belt – 5.7.9
Socks – Work
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of  The Ting Tings – “Hands”